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Our mission and vision is to be the preeminent wine distributor in California. We focus on providing world class service and a portfolio that encompasses wines of authenticity, family ownership and renowned quality.


We have genuine passion for our products and believe that every estate and wine has a story. The vineyards, expression of terroir, winemakers, climate and geography all impart their nuances on each and every wine. We enjoy and pride ourselves on being the caretakers and storytellers for the world class wines we represent.


We strive to bring a team of personnel to the market with unquestionable drive towards providing superior service. Our staff is knowledgeable, capable, and creative, bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to the market. We have a commitment towards ongoing excellence in everything we do.


We continue to focus on representing partners that have a strong commitment towards wines of authenticity, uniqueness and a sense of place. We believe in wines that are of family ownership, renowned quality and exhibit the characteristics true to the countries and regions from which they reside.


We call California home and it is an ever changing landscape. As this fast paced world continues to develop, we understand the landscape has become global. We pride ourselves in focusing on many wines that have a commitment to sustainability from the vine to the glass. The global landscape also is ever changing in the world of social media. Many of us gather information and trends from various communication sites, being linked to specific groups, bloggers and of course mobile ready sites.